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I have the best boyfriend in the world

Your messages make me so happy throughout the day, even from half way across the world. Also the Philippines is super nice and this trip is fantastic :))) can’t wait for the next few days


I am a nightmare (2014) / 9pg / Akimiya Jun (tumblr)

Thank you for reading!  

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We go forward.


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oh god wtf

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How to tell if a blog is trash



  1. Anime icon

Everyone who’s reblogged this has an anime icon. I’m impressed and disgusted.

Everyone with an anime icon: I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling very attacked right now

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Just watched Dear Zachary and it was such a cute sad happy film/documentary

Please go watch it




i guess you could call this

a moist owlet

…I’m so done with this site.

It’s such an aggressive and in your face water dance

ihzee look so cute

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Anyone have suggestions to occupy my ~16 hours of flying at the end of next week?

I need shows, books, and movies to hold me down for 16 hours on the way to the Philippines as well as the 16 hours back. 

I clicked a link a friend sent to my inbox and it might have messed with my account

Don’t click any links that you get from my account in case it is and double check with me first if you get an inbox with a link ><